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Find the best space in the modern business park on the north-eastern outskirts of Prague. Take advantage of our experience in designing and building commercial space tailored to your requirements. Your success is our goal.

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We understand your business needs

We offer tailor made commercial space that fits all your needs and during the planning and design process we take into account how your space and technology requirements might change over the years. Whether you're in research & development, production, trade, or services, Nordpark has the spatial and technical solutions to support businesses of any kind and size. From high hygienic standards to specific technologies (such as air conditioning, air filtration, cooling and pressure air etc.), we cater to all requirements.

Nordpark offers:

  • modern office space
  • production and development facilities
  • showrooms and retail units
  • laboratories
  • training facilities
  • warehouse space

The highest standard

Nordpark offers the highest standard of industrial properties, including the highest energy efficiency rating.
Technical standards
Cost savings and sustainability

Strategic location

The prime location of being on the outskirts of Prague, situated in the heart of Europe, is perfectly suited for both local and global business.
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Efficient operation

Discover the benefits offered by Nordpark buildings and how they can contribute to cost savings for your business.
Cost savings and sustainability
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Flexible space

With years of our experience in delivering space for the most complex business operations, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free consultation.
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Technical standards

Opportunity for expansion

Nordpark is ready to support your growing business. We can flexibly provide additional space for rent or ownership.
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Leasing of units

Units starting from 350 sqm are currently available. We welcome you to contact us for a free consultation.
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Join the league of industry leaders

A number of successful companies from various industries have already found their home in Nordpark. In all cases, their premises meet all requirements, including specific technologies and custom-made building solutions.

  • Fanuc
    The world leader in industrial robotics, Fanuc, has found a representative headquarters in Nordpark for its European activities. Case study »
  • Grifols
    Grifols, the pharmaceutical company, is occupying premises in Nordpark that have been designed with strict considerations for hygiene, cooling, and reliability. Case study »
  • Prefa
    A leading European manufacturer of roof and facade systems, PREFA Aluminiumprodukte, approached us with a request for the immediate construction of a training centre with the possibility of expansion in the future. Case study »
  • Teximp
    Teximp, a pan-European machine tools dealer, has a modern production facility in Nordpark, along with offices and a training centre. Case study »
  • Blanco
    Ancor CZ, the exclusive importer of BLANCO branded stainless steel, silgranit, and ceramic kitchen sinks and faucets, has its headquarters in Nordpark.
  • Flamco
    The Czech branch of Flamco, which specializes in the development, production, and sale of high-quality and innovative components for use in building services systems, has been in operation since 1956.
  • intriple
    The company is focused on research, development, and small series production of cutting-edge electronics, signal processing, and microwave technologies.
  • kaeser
    One of the world's leading manufacturers and vendors of compressed air products and services. Today, Kaeser operates in two manufacturing sites in Germany and employs around 7,000 people worldwide.
  • kopr
    The company’s main line of business is automation of production, usually focused on the welding process. KOPR equipment is used not only throughout Europe, but also in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.
  • papera
    Leading Czech seller of office and school stationery.
  • skanfort
    Luxury Scandinavian furniture from renowned brands.
  • sumimoto shi demag
    Expert in specific industrial and fully electric plastic injection moulding solutions.
  • tormax
    The TORMAX automatic door systems are installed in hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide, including office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, airports, train stations, ships, and residential buildings.
  • z+m group
    One of the strongest players in the business of complex printing solutions in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
  • moje party
    Party e-shop and customized party services.
  • klia
    Wholesale import of flowers and accessories. The largest store with the widest range of products in Prague.
  • mewa
    In line with the principle of “not owning but using”, MEWA offers innovative solutions for corporate textiles within a circular system. From industrial wipes to workwear and protective equipment.
  • elkov
    A wholesale vendor that focuses on providing electrical materials and lighting fixtures. With an annual turnover that exceeds CZK 4 billion and a workforce of almost 500 employees, it holds a prominent position as one of the major players in the market for electrical installation materials.
  • makita
    Makita Czech Republic offers a range of hand tools and provides comprehensive and first-class service for the Makita brand, which originated in Japan in the early twentieth
  • lascam
    Since its establishment in 2015, LASCAM has become a leading supplier of laser technologies in the Czech Republic. It primarily provides equipment and automated units for selective laser surface removal, as well as metal and plastic product machining and visual inspection for both industry and science.
  • dufek
    Autodíly Dufek s.r.o. was established in 2009 and focuses on offering spare parts and accessories for renowned European truck brands like DAF, MAN, MERCEDES, IVECO, RENAULT, VOLVO, and SCANIA.
  • europart
    For 70 years, EUROPART has been a thriving player in the market of motor vehicle spare parts. Presently, it has established itself as a prominent partner for service centres with expertise in commercial vehicles and fleet operators of trucks, trailers, vans, and buses all over Europe.
  • repsilon
    Respilon is a leading Czech company in the development, production and distribution of innovative nanofibre products for the protection and enhancement of health as well as unique cosmetic applications. Pioneering in the field of nanofibers has put Respilon in the spotlight worldwide, where it operates on several continents through its subsidiaries.

Bohman Invest

The parent company SOFRED AB is a family-owned investment company based in Sweden that specialises in the development, leasing and operation of office, retail and industrial properties and forestry business. In the Czech Republic, it is represented by D&D REALITY NORD s.r.o.

  • Sära Park

    Sära Park • Tallinn, Estonia
    warehouses and offices 6 000 sqm

  • Lookivi

    Lookivi Park • Tallinn, Estonia
    logistics park 6,1 ha

  • kurekivi

    Kurekivi • Tallinn, Estonia
    Logistics park 2,0 ha

  • Sinikivi

    Sinikivi • Tallinn, Estonia
    Logistics park under construction

  • Náchodská City Park

    Náchodská City Park • Prague, Czech Republic
    Showrooms, offices and warehouses, total 9 000 sqm

  • Nordpark

    Nordpark • Prague, Czech Republic
    multifunctional park 25 ha

  • Les2

    Flerohopps Bruk • Nybro, Sweden
    forestry, 300 ha

  • Les2

    Sinnerbo / Tortebo • Högsby, Sweden
    forestry, 450 ha

Exceptionally energy-efficient buildings

The Nordpark buildings conform to the strictest standards for energy-efficient operation and sustainability. The buildings easily meet the highest rating of energy performance classified as class "A" (most energy-efficient buildings). This feature translates to significant reductions in operating costs for occupiers and contributes to the sustainability of their business.

Cost savings and sustainability
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