CNC revolution is based in Nordpark

Teximp, a pan-European machine tool vendor, approached us with a requirement for the construction and ownership of a building with a built-up area of approximately 1,500 sqm and with three above-ground floors.

After intial introduction of Teximp to our product, our team visited the original Teximp facility to understand Teximp´s operation. We conducted a detailed analysis of their needs and proactively discussed specific technology and production process requirements.

Our proposed design significantly reduced the required space and positively impacted the efficiency Teximp´s operations. Due to our efficiently designed project, we were able to reduce the required space for our client from 1,500 sqm to not even 1,000 sqm. We prepared an initial cost budget costing and after several meetings we were able to finalized the final scope of the project.

Our team provided detailed project documentation based on our technical standards, which at the same time respected the specific requirements of the company. We, selected the general contractor and supervised the quality of the construction. Since January 2014, Teximp has been based in their new built to suite premises. The Prague branch became a blue print for Teximp that was used for their expansion across Europe

Exceptionally energy-efficient buildings

The Nordpark buildings conform to the strictest standards for energy-efficient operation and sustainability. The buildings easily meet the highest rating of energy performance classified as class "A" (most energy-efficient buildings). This feature translates to significant reductions in operating costs for occupiers and contributes to the sustainability of their business.

Cost savings and sustainability
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