Cooling, hygiene and reliability for storage of blood plasma products

GRIFOLS, a leading European pharmaceutical group, approached us with a requirement to swiftly build a modern warehouse and production space of approximately 1,000 sqm with strict requirements for cooling, cleanliness and reliability.

We selected a specificedge part of the Nordpark 08 building and designed the layout of the individual operations for each floor. We decided to place the freezer and cold storage boxes in the most convenient position on the ground floor and prepared the technical design of the space accordingly. For cooling, we reserved a specifically located and designed machine room inside the building, thereby ensuring the optimal operating environment for the equipment, operational reliability, long service life and low operating costs. Our proposed solution significantly decreased the required floor area and ensured the necessary reliability, including a spare power supply in case of power failure. We prepared project documentation including specific details and technical solutions, coordinated technology suppliers and monitored the work quality. The space successfully meets all required certifications – GRIFOLS, SÚKL, etc.

Exceptionally energy-efficient buildings

The Nordpark buildings conform to the strictest standards for energy-efficient operation and sustainability. The buildings easily meet the highest rating of energy performance classified as class "A" (most energy-efficient buildings). This feature translates to significant reductions in operating costs for occupiers and contributes to the sustainability of their business.

Cost savings and sustainability
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