Contemporary design of buildings places emphasis on minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring low-cost energy operation of the building. That's why the NORD PARK retail, storage and production halls are built to the highest standards. The buildings have the highest energy rating attainable by an industrial building.

1. The materials

All the materials used comply with European standards, thus guaranteeing a long life-span and, above all, low operating costs. PIR (polyisocyanurate) panels are used in the storage section, and the office premises have a ventilated façade.

2. The structural design

The foundation of the building is a reinforced concrete frame with pillars with a span of 7.5m. The low number of internal pillars ensures trouble-free handling and free use of space inside the hall. The office premises make the maximum possible use of stable daylight. They are located on the northern façade, which together with the ventilated façade ensures zero cooling costs and a stable and pleasant environment year-round.

3. The location

The location, directly at EXIT 3 R10 E55, provides excellent driving accessibility for your customers from all directions. Employees can use bus connections from the Prague Integrated Transport metro line B.


logo Prefa

The leading European producer and retailer of roof and façade systems, PREFA Aluminiumprodukte, approached us with a request for the immediate construction of a training centre with an area of approximately 800 m2, with the possibility of expansion in the future.

After showing PREFA our premises and products, we visited their own plant to get an idea of the company's operation. We carried out a detailed analysis of their needs, and advised them on specific requirements and processes for future expansion.

We selected a site directly on the NORD PARK main street and used a valid building permit. Our proposed design resulted in significant savings of the required area and ensured the easy completion of the premises in the future. We prepared a calculation, and after several rounds of negotiations we finalized the extent of the project.

We arranged detailed project documentation based on our own standards but also respecting the company's individuality, we selected a supplier, and we monitored the quality of the construction. PREFA moved to their new, tailor-made premises in February 2013.

Its Prague branch has become a template which PREFA will use during its expansion to other European countries.