The halls are extremely versatile in terms of their end use. During the tailor-made construction of new and existing units, the operational areas and their structuring can be optimized. With a ground plan of 1,100 m2, we can offer you as much as 3,300 m2 of usable space.

1. Storage premises

The storage premises are of luxurious design – with a clear height of 10 m and fully-fledged offices connected to a warehouse on three floors. If required, it's possible to build a floor in the warehouse with a height of 6 m and a loading capacity of 750 kg/m2, thus doubling the usable area of the hall.

2. Production premises

Various types of production premises, from surface machine production to manual assembly, allowing the use of up to three floors connected by a freight elevator. Other options include open galleries on both sides of the hall connected to the main thoroughfare.

3. Retail, service and commercial units

Due to the versatility of the premises and good visibility, the premises are also suitable for other commercial purposes. The standard ground plan unit of 1,100 m2 can be divided into as many as 4 small independently functioning units. They can thereby be used as, for example, a retail warehouse, a showroom or an e-shop dispensary. Each unit is colour-coded and marked with the tenant's logo.


logo Teximp

The pan-European machining tool retailer, Teximp, approached us with a request for the construction of a hall with a developed area of approximately 1,500 m2 and three above-ground floors, for ownership. The aim was to revive a previously unrealized production premises project which would now include offices and a training centre.

After initially introducing Teximp to our products, we visited their own plant to get an idea of the company's operation. We carried out a detailed analysis of their needs and advised them on specific technology and process requirements.

Our proposed design resulted in significant savings of the required area increased the plant's efficiency. The original proposal was amended to a developed area of less than 1,000 m2. We prepared a calculation, and after several rounds of negotiations finalized the scope of the project.

Teximp unexpectedly needed to use the premises before the planned completion of the construction, and so we helped them move into a vacant rental unit on a temporary basis.

We arranged detailed project documentation based on our own standards but also respecting the company's individuality, we selected a supplier, and we monitored the quality of the construction. Teximp moved to their new, tailor-made premises in January 2013.

Its Prague branch has become a template which Teximp will use during its expansion to other European countries.