We always prepare the premises with the utmost regard for your needs and operational processes. This ensures that you will make highly efficient use of your premises.

1. Assessment of needs

Are you moving to new premises? Do you have specific requirements and ideas? We will accommodate your needs.

2. The proposed solution

After visiting your existing plant, and in accordance with your requirements, we will work together with designers to draw up an optimal operational solution for both your plant and office areas. We'll deliver a proposal for the future premises in the bid phase. We'll then prepare the final project together with you.

3. Management of the premises

Whether you choose to rent or become our neighbour, our professional management of the premises will always ensure cleanliness, functionality and solutions for any possible problems. You won't be taken by surprise by heavy snow or a dripping tap. Quality design, diligent control of the construction, and regular maintenance – that's the only way to keep the premises looking like new.


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The leading European pharmaceutical group GRIFOLS approached us with a request for the fast construction of modern storage and production premises with an area of approximately 1,000 m2, with uncompromising demands for cooling, cleanliness and reliability.

After introducing GRIFOLS to our premises and products, we visited their own plant to get an idea of the operation of this specialized company. We carried out a detailed analysis of their needs, and advised them on specific requirements and processes for future expansion.

We selected the outer section of the NORD PARK 08 hall, and proposed the placement of individual plants within the floors. We placed the freezing and cooling boxes in the best position on the ground floor, and we defined all the building and assembly preparations for their construction. We placed the cooling system in a specially located and designed engine room in the building, thus ensuring the optimal operating mode for the equipment, operational reliability, a long life-span and low operating costs. Our proposed design resulted in significant savings of the required area and ensured the required reliability, including an alternative power source in the event of a power failure. We prepared a calculation, and after several rounds of negotiations we finalized the scope of the project.

GRIFOLS moved to their new, tailor-made premises on 1st July 2013.